On Demand Webinar: Understanding Personality Types

Understanding your own personality type, as well as those of your colleagues and patients, can help with making better decisions, communicating more effectively and building stronger working relationships.

In this webinar, Kieran Bird will take you through:

  • The four personality types
  • How to recognise each type
  • How best to approach each personality type
  • How best to persuade each type
  • How to work most effectively with each type.
Meet the presenter 
Kieran Bird
Kieran is a professional speaker and trainer who contracts to William Buck. Following 18 years working in the USA, Canada and the UK, Kieran returned to New Zealand in 2010. He then worked for 3 years with the New Zealand Institute of Management (now IMNZ) creating and running workshops on soft skills including negotiation, communication and presentation skills. He is the author of Unshakeable Self-Confidence (2018).
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