Employment matters: Payroll tax audit landscape and legal trends

Brief the Chief Webinar Series
Over the past 12 months, we’ve witnessed a surge of audit activity from NSW Revenue.

Increased data matching with the ATO, ASIC and other databases has meant that Payroll Tax investigations have become an easier task for authorities and are a growing focus area.

Many employers are confused by the compliance rules set in place. Misunderstanding these regulations could result in heavy implications for your business.

In the face of a Payroll Tax audit, financial penalties, complex legal tax issues and an unnecessary pull on resources are just a few of the issues that could arise.

Our tax expert, Raffi Tenenbaum along with experienced employment lawyer, Tony Gooch of Macpherson Kelley, will guide you through real life examples to ensure you’re ready for a Payroll Tax audit.

Our concise one hour ‘Brief the Chief’ session will deep-dive into some of the common mistakes that businesses often make in their payroll tax activities.

Topics include:

• Grouping of employers, & legal issues arising from the contractor vs employee distinction

• Underpayments resulting from the above and the potential involvement of the Fair Work Ombudsman

• Individual liability issues

• Fringe Benefit Tax errors

• Interstate wages and thresholds

• Superannuation contributions liable for payroll tax

• Data sharing with other Government authorities (ATO, WorkSafe)
10:00am - 11:00am
17 Feb 2021
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